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"A society of well-balanced individuals whose lives are guided by the unchanging and constant laws of God... whose inner strength is drawn from a strong belief in high standards of morality and intellectual pursuit... whose inter-relational skills allow efficiency and productivity in the different roles that the community requires of each valuable member of society."


"GOD is all-caring and all-knowing. His commandments are eternal. Each of us in His world must be given the opportunity to develop as a unified being of morals and intellect, mind and heart, body and soul. This is the FORUM mission."

The FORUM Philosophy

We believe that the dynamism of the global community and life itself should be incorporated into
the educational system so that both teachers and learners can be skillful in planning the future with foresight... but the wisdom and principles of our nation and our forefathers should never be relegated to the background. Instead, they should always serve as the foundation upon which we live our present.
We believe that the thirst for knowledge exists in all of us and that there are no boundaries that separate teachers and learners. All who deign to teach must constantly pursue a life of learning; and all learners are, themselves, the best of teachers. Above all, we believe in the reality of an Ultimate, Eternal and All-Knowing Being who has endowed each and every person with the potential to achieve limitless heights.

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